My Cricut Cake is here!!!

OK, so it's been here for a few days...I'm just a lil behind on posting pics...So here's the official unveiling:

 Here it is, in it's shipping box....waiting to be opened. Martha stewart Crafts Cricut Cake

 And out of the shipping box, here's the pretty box showing the display box. :) 
 The back of the box

The Cricut Seal!!!! Wish I could have gotten a better pic but they all came out blurry 
 Better pic of the Cricut Seal
 And it's open!!!

 And onto the table it goes...Pretty Pretty Cake machine :D

 Setup step 1
 setup step 2-Update in progress! 


My cake machine is all ready to go! now  I just need fondant or something tasty to cut with it...I'm excited and nervous! I've got designs ready from my cake cart...I'm already got plans for some of the shapes on other projects...I'm oddly intimidated now that it's here...and that is SO NOT like me....CRAZY!


Alishia said...

Exciting!!! i LOVE that tape i want a roll of it LOL

Doris P. said...

I just got my yesterday and just took it out of the package. I didn't know you could use it with the gypsy!!! better yet!! so excited to use it. yesterday I bought some fondant, the rolling pin and now I see i need confection sugar LOL ugh! Please let me know if you know of special sites for the cake.. :0 have fun!!! Doris