Jewelry Box

I painted and stamped this box for my mom. It had been previously painted but she asked me to paint it over.  The box itself is an unfinished box that came from Michael's, I used standard acrylic paints on it, then a cork stamp with paint and then sealed it with Mod-Podge. My mom is THRILLED with how it came out, as am I. I've never used cork stamps before, but these were a set I picked up in the HSN Retail Outlet Store and I was anxious to try out a new technique. So, here's mom's new jewelry/medicine/stuff box. 

Antique Sifter

This is an antique sifter that I painted over and stenciled some designs on for my mom. She loves how it came out...I am a perfectionist & would like the images to have been cleaner. BUT it was my first foray into stenciling and painting in this manner...I'll get better with time...I am a perfectionist...LOL


20 followers! I feel loved!

You all love me! I just had to say I feel loved...It only took me like 2 weeks...and minimal effort...so I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the love! I WILL get more photos up soon...I promise...

Thank you all for the love :) 


The New Cricut Blog

So we're all excited about the new Cricut Blog and we're watching it to see if we're the daily winners for the grand opening...I sure could use some money to spend on Cricut.com! But as I was hopping through a blog hop this morning, I discovered that Royal Things is having a giveaway for $150 on Cricut.com! It only goes through today as she's picking a winner tomorrow, so go over & check it out here. I hope I win, but it's only fair that I share it with y'all too! I'll be happy for the winner whoever it is, who COULDN'T be happy spending $150 on Cricut goodies??? So go check out Royal Things & enter to win...and of course if you win, I wouldn't turn down a gift for letting you know ;) 


My Cricut Cake is here!!!

OK, so it's been here for a few days...I'm just a lil behind on posting pics...So here's the official unveiling:

 Here it is, in it's shipping box....waiting to be opened. Martha stewart Crafts Cricut Cake

 And out of the shipping box, here's the pretty box showing the display box. :) 
 The back of the box

The Cricut Seal!!!! Wish I could have gotten a better pic but they all came out blurry 
 Better pic of the Cricut Seal
 And it's open!!!

 And onto the table it goes...Pretty Pretty Cake machine :D

 Setup step 1
 setup step 2-Update in progress! 


My cake machine is all ready to go! now  I just need fondant or something tasty to cut with it...I'm excited and nervous! I've got designs ready from my cake cart...I'm already got plans for some of the shapes on other projects...I'm oddly intimidated now that it's here...and that is SO NOT like me....CRAZY!


Win Free Copic Markers!

Hey y'all! Scrapbookpals.com is giving away a set of 7 copic markers for free! If you go to their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwScrapbookPalcom/89313604540?sk=wall and follow the instructions, it's really easy to enter. :) I'm hoping to win! I'm on a winning streak today...let's keep it up! :))

Spring Topiary & Egg

Sorry the pictures are turned sideways...I'm using a borrowed comp temporarily until I can fix my monitor & IDK how to edit pics on blogger...yet...

Topiary made with 6"(iirc) styrofoam ball, 
metal bucket
weight inside bucket so it doesn't fall over & packing foam cut around & inside weight. 

leaves & under layer of flowers made with craft foam. 
flowers cut out of several different papers(will list those later when I can gather all the info) 

flowers are both from:
Gypsy Wanderings 
they're both in the shadow function. 
cut at 1.08" and .98" heights. 

The leaves are from:
Gypsy Wanderings
I first used a cricut marker to draw the outlines which is on the main function then I used the deep cut blade to cut the foam using the shadow of the leaves. They were drawn/cut at 2.27"x2.75"

The bunny rabbit is from: 
Gypsy Wanderings using the shadow function & cut at 1.86"x2.00"
I did the same process with the bunny that I did with the leaves...draw outline w/cricut markers & then cut w/blade. 

The bucket wrapper is 
a cupcake wrapper from Cindy Loo. 
cut at 13.25x3.93

Egg made with styrofoam egg

I used multi-color pearl-end pins & small & medium buttons to hold th flowers onto the styrofoam. I added a handful of butterflies and ladybugs to accent the flowers. 

I hope y'all enjoy my spring topiary :) 

Cricut Crazy!

Welp, As I already mentioned I am becoming Cricut Crazy. And since I am, I figured I should share what machines I have already :)

I have an Expression

A Gypsy

I'm waiting for my Cricut Cake Martha Stwart Edition to be delivered

AND I just WON another Gypsy from Cricut Official FB Page and HSN

Which I'm giving to my sis so that she can design as well. :)

I'm anxiously looking forward to the Cricut Craft Room to open to the public so that I can design on my computer & cut freely :)

I won't go into the cartridges I have here, but when I post projects that I've done w/my Cricut machines I will post what carts I used...Thanks again for visiting my blog :)


Hello All! Welcome to my new "Crafty" blog :) Here is where I will share my crafty creations & adventures. :) I HAVE TO Thank my friend Erica from Erica's Cricut Craft Room for inspiring and encouraging me to start a crafty blog. I also have to thank her for ALL the wonderful things she has done to encourage a growing group of  us Cricut crazies to learn & get to know our machines. I'm still a somewhat newbie with my Cricuts and am learning more and more by the day. I do all sorts of crafts, not *just* paper. I am inspired by all sorts of things, sometimes just something someone said, or something I saw in passing...Or something my furry family members have done :) In the next few days I'll be posting some of my recent projects as well as some of my scrapbook pages from years past. I look forward to sharing with people and learning as well. Thanks for visitng :)