Hello All! Welcome to my new "Crafty" blog :) Here is where I will share my crafty creations & adventures. :) I HAVE TO Thank my friend Erica from Erica's Cricut Craft Room for inspiring and encouraging me to start a crafty blog. I also have to thank her for ALL the wonderful things she has done to encourage a growing group of  us Cricut crazies to learn & get to know our machines. I'm still a somewhat newbie with my Cricuts and am learning more and more by the day. I do all sorts of crafts, not *just* paper. I am inspired by all sorts of things, sometimes just something someone said, or something I saw in passing...Or something my furry family members have done :) In the next few days I'll be posting some of my recent projects as well as some of my scrapbook pages from years past. I look forward to sharing with people and learning as well. Thanks for visitng :)

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