Spring Topiary & Egg

Sorry the pictures are turned sideways...I'm using a borrowed comp temporarily until I can fix my monitor & IDK how to edit pics on blogger...yet...

Topiary made with 6"(iirc) styrofoam ball, 
metal bucket
weight inside bucket so it doesn't fall over & packing foam cut around & inside weight. 

leaves & under layer of flowers made with craft foam. 
flowers cut out of several different papers(will list those later when I can gather all the info) 

flowers are both from:
Gypsy Wanderings 
they're both in the shadow function. 
cut at 1.08" and .98" heights. 

The leaves are from:
Gypsy Wanderings
I first used a cricut marker to draw the outlines which is on the main function then I used the deep cut blade to cut the foam using the shadow of the leaves. They were drawn/cut at 2.27"x2.75"

The bunny rabbit is from: 
Gypsy Wanderings using the shadow function & cut at 1.86"x2.00"
I did the same process with the bunny that I did with the leaves...draw outline w/cricut markers & then cut w/blade. 

The bucket wrapper is 
a cupcake wrapper from Cindy Loo. 
cut at 13.25x3.93

Egg made with styrofoam egg

I used multi-color pearl-end pins & small & medium buttons to hold th flowers onto the styrofoam. I added a handful of butterflies and ladybugs to accent the flowers. 

I hope y'all enjoy my spring topiary :) 

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