The New Cricut Blog

So we're all excited about the new Cricut Blog and we're watching it to see if we're the daily winners for the grand opening...I sure could use some money to spend on Cricut.com! But as I was hopping through a blog hop this morning, I discovered that Royal Things is having a giveaway for $150 on Cricut.com! It only goes through today as she's picking a winner tomorrow, so go over & check it out here. I hope I win, but it's only fair that I share it with y'all too! I'll be happy for the winner whoever it is, who COULDN'T be happy spending $150 on Cricut goodies??? So go check out Royal Things & enter to win...and of course if you win, I wouldn't turn down a gift for letting you know ;) 


Letillia said...

I 2 am excited about the cricut blog. I am a new follower of your blog. Happy Crafting!!


'Chelle said...

so great to have you along for my blogging and crafting adventures :) Welcome to the fun. I'm on my way to check out your blog...