Square 1 Adhesive Fabric

Hey y'all!
I want to tell you guys about an AWESOME new material that Megan from Above Rubies Studios has been talking about for a while & been an affiliate for and now I'm an affiliate for as well. Square 1 Adhesive Fabric...Yes, Adhesive Fabric!!! It's the end of the month, which means payday is around the corner & when it does come I'll be ordering my 1st bit of this to try out...I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.!!! Megan has talked about how awesome it is and how wonderful it cuts in the Cricut machine...YES!!! I am now an affiliate for Square 1, which means that if you go through my link & decide to buy some of their fabric I'll receive a 20% revenue on the ammount you spend on their website...So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check out Square 1....and in full disclosure...I signed up through Megan's link, so in addition to me getting 20% from what you spend, Megan gets 5%...How AWESOME is that??? Megan & her Husband's full time job to raise their children is Above Rubies Studios...Of which I've signed up to be an affiliate as well....So make sure you visit their site too!

Master the Cricut!

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